Current Water at Issaquah Creek.

Welcome to Current Water 8/09/2017

Infrastructure disaster caused by defective float switch. Image by: EMILY M. ENG AND THOMAS WILBURN / THE SEATTLE TIMES

Good morning and Welcome to Current Water on this beautiful Wednesday. This weeks featured article, Plant Managers: Infrastructure disaster caused by a damaged $200 float switch. Here’s 7 tips to avoid it” is addressed to wastewater treatment facility managers and offers a “How To” guide to avoiding infrastructure failures.

I’m in Seattle for the next two weeks (see yesterday’s Welcome 8/08/2017–boat pictures included!) and will be focusing on “all things Seattle”. You can’t be here and in the water industry without thinking about the catastrophic flood that took place at the West Point facility on February 9 of this year. I’ve touched on that in my article but for an in-depth understanding of what happened read this excellent article from The Seattle Times.

Welcome to Current Water 8/09/2017
Sweet granddaughter getting off the plane.

I have my 11-year old granddaughter with me this week and it looks like it’s going to be a week of Pokemon Go while crawling all over Seattle. First stop–MOHAI. I’ll post pictures!

Happy Birthday today Gabby! I love you. We’re going to have a blast.

Have a great week everyone.

Jennifer Croft