Current Water at Issaquah Creek.

Welcome to Current Water 8/1/2017

Welcome to Currrent Water.

One of our special features from the inception of Current Water was “The Daily Splash”. The Daily Splash offered shorter content pieces–most on the water industry, but some on a variety of other topics including some personal musings.  The Daily Splash is currently on hiatus as the author is doing project work, but may return if time permits.

In the meantime, we are proud to introduce a new feature entitled “The Splash.” The Splash will feature similar content to The Daily Splash but will be published less frequently–it could be every other day or it could be once a week.

Regular in-depth feature articles will be published on Current Water on topics covering the water industry. This weeks articles offer insider information on conferences attended, and conference plans in the works, by representatives of GlobalWaterWorks.Org, a marketing consultancy committed to advancing business adoption of smart water technologies.

GlobalWaterWorks will be hosting round tables at WATEC Israel in September of this year and just returned from a conference in St. Louis.

Stay tuned here for updates on both events.

WATEC 2017