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Welcome to Current Water 2/03/2018

I’ve been in New York for the past week doing research on Green Infrastructure projects within the city. What I’ve learned is that most of the projects are happening to the east and south of Manhattan in the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn. The city has chosen Green Infrastructure as one cost-effective method of remediating CSO’s (combined sewer overflows) in the areas where the needs are the greatest. The city is building Right-of-Way Bioswales, Stormwater Greenstreets, Green Roofs, Blue Roofs (more on that later), Rain Gardens, and installing Permeable Paving, Subsurface Detention Systems, and Cisterns and Rain Barrels. It’s a big project with many variables, but the city is determined to reduce sewer overflows, beautify neighborhoods, and improve water quality. I’m enjoying pulling together the facts and will be putting out an article for you in the next few days.