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Infrastructure disaster caused by defective float switch. Image by: EMILY M. ENG AND THOMAS WILBURN / THE SEATTLE TIMES

Plant Managers: Infrastructure disaster caused by a damaged $200 float switch. Here’s 7 tips to avoid it.

AECOM provides report to West Point Treatment Center on how to avoid infrastructure failures in the future.

Current Water. Brightwater Wastewater Treatment Center.

Brightwater Wastewater Treatment Center

The fragrance is sweet at Brightwater Wastewater Treatment Center

Brightwater Wastewater Treatment Center: Wedding Venue?

Would you get married at a wastewater treatment center?

The 4 P's that you CAN flush in your toilet

The 4 P’s–the ONLY things to flush down the toilet

Don’t use your toilet as a trash can!

FOG: Not in the air. Clogging your SEWER PIPES.