About me

CurrentWater.CO exists because I love to write, I value good photography, and I want to share both with you. My desire to write pushes me to investigate and research, listen and learn, and put words on (virtual) paper.

In 2016 I made a new friend during a “small group” at church who was launching her own business, GlobalWaterWorks.Org. We discovered that we shared the same interests in the “water industry” and she enticed me to join her. Mary Conley Eggert has been a joyful inspiration and cheerleader to me and I value her more than I can say.

My husband, Jerry, has been extremely supportive and encouraging of my (only slightly valuable) contributions to GWW, has given advice when requested, and has let me have the freedom to explore whatever opportunities might present themselves here.

I have the incredibly good fortune to split my time between Seattle and Chicagoland, and will be writing from both locations as well as from “on the road.”

My dear children are out of the house, but are generously providing grandchildren for us to love.

Life is good.

Best wishes always,

Jennifer Croft

Updated: September 5, 2017