Seattle week: Metropolis Magazine hosts Think Tank in Seattle

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Metropolis Magazine visits Seattle

Updated: 08/16/2017 6:42 pm

Updated: 08/21/2017 10:55 am


Welcome to Current Water.   

Metropolis Magazine (an elegant monthly magazine covering architecture and design at all scales, with sustainability as a regular topic) is in Seattle today. MM is hosting a Think Tank to discuss the trending topics of “Wellness” in construction design, Mobile Employees, and Revitalizing Seattle’s neighborhoods. Just last month I wrote an article here on the very subject of Wellness in construction and coincidentally much of it was based in Seattle.

Mobile Employees

With the economy booming in Seattle and employees on the move it’s an appropriate location to discuss these current trends. I considered walking on the ferry this morning for a trip out to Bremerton for the pure joy of working on the water. With a laptop in hand I can work from virtually anywhere, which opens up a wide world of opportunities. Employers always face the challenge of finding good employees but now face the additional challenge of keeping them and luring them into the office.  Why commute to any location deemed “less than desirable” when you can choose any virtual location of your choice?   Metropolis will be working on strategies today to address this new dynamic in the workforce. Keep an eye on Metropolis for coverage on this topic in future issues.

Seattle construction boom


Seattle has earned the “crane capital of the US” title for the past two years as there are more cranes in use here than any other city in the country. Apartments are under construction all over downtown, and especially in the South Lake Union area surrounding Amazon and the new Google headquarters. The area is full of vitality and a feeling of real energy. The streets are just jammed with bikers, runners, dog walkers and dog runners, Solo wheels, skateboards, pedestrians, cars, busses, trolleys–you name it and it’s on the street. To put it plainly, the area is a madhouse of activity. In a good way.

Today’s article should be retitled “Welcome to Current Water–Seattle style.”  It’s a joy to be here.

IMG_9045Future articles

I’m working on a couple of new articles–one on the water shortages delaying construction, jobs, and expansion in East Palo Alto, CA, and the second on a beautiful “salmon sculpture”. The salmon are jumping through a waterfall at the McDonald’s in Issaquah (20 minutes east of Seattle–on a good day with no traffic). Stay tuned here for both of those.

Best wishes, and I hope you are having a good week.

Jennifer Croft

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