GlobalWaterWorks to host round tables at WATEC Israel 2017

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Updated: August 16, 2017

GlobalWaterWorks to travel to Israel

Exciting things will be happening in Tel Aviv in September. GlobalWaterWorks is scheduled to host round tables at WATEC Israel 2017.

Action has been too slow

The complaint heard time and time again in the water industry is that although many good connections are made, action is just too slow. Everything just takes too long–getting everyone on the same page to discuss water quality, quantity, delivery, sustainability, etc., can take decades. Another 10-20 years can be added in getting from the test pilot into production.

The answer is integration and peer-to-peer interaction

GlobalWaterWorks believes the answer is integration. Bringing the industry experts together to discuss the issues at a round table at WATEC will allow for peer-to-peer interaction and an opportunity to learn about innovative business models. Research, development and marketing channels/resources will be provided at no charge.

Unique round table discussions

GWW will present Go-To-Market strategies and Success Stories for WaterTech. These round tables will feature industry experts and will be unlike any other events hosted at WATEC. They should not be missed.
The GWW round tables are a satellite event taking place on Thursday, September 14, 2017 from 09:30 – 11:00 am.

Main topics revolve around Tech

WATEC was created a decade ago and has become an internationally respected forum to disperse information to water professionals, stake holders and innovators from around the globe. Last year 95 delegations, 10,000 visitors, 150 speakers, 160 exhibitors, 1000 B2B meetings and representatives from 95 countries attended the event.
By Jennifer Croft
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