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Brightwater Wastewater Treatment Center

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Updated: August 16, 2017

Would you ever have thought that a wastewater treatment facility could smell good? The Brightwater Wastewater Treatment Center does. I can vouch for this personally. I’ve been there. Toured there. Experienced it.

Brightwater is located in “winery-country” Woodinville, WA on Route 9 on the site of a former auto wrecking yard. This 120-acre property was fairly unattractive but met the necessary siting requirements and offered the opportunity to develop both an effective and successful treatment plant and a beautiful community outreach center.

Can “odor-free” be equated to “good fragrance”?

An earlier tenant on the property was a soup factory. Apparently “fragrance” was not the word that would be used by the local residents. In fact, I was told that it smelled awful. When the local community learned that a wastewater treatment plant may replace the soup, they had serious concerns. It was hard to imagine that it would smell better. It did.

King County instituted a multi-stage process through biochemistry. Bacteria eat up the rank hydrogen sulfide as a food source. Chemical scrubbers are next, followed by activated carbon. The fourth, and most innovative step, is the membrane bioreactor. It looks like spaghetti in the form of porous strands of a synthetic material. Microscopic contaminants as small as 6 microns are captured here and remove both the “fragrance” and some viruses and bacteria. The final step includes the use a bleach which kills the remaining pathogens.

Blessings at Brightwater

As the treated water leaves the plant, it receives a “blessing” written by Judith Roche and designed by Los Angeles based artist, Jane Tsong.

 “It’s a final sendoff for the treated water before it goes into Puget Sound,” Tsong said.

no beginning no end

circle the earth

blessed water

blood of life

Three types of blessings have been bestowed on Brightwater: for the air, the water, and the biosolids. I look forward to writing more on this later.

By: Jennifer Croft

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