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The truth about content–it’s not what you think

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By: Jennifer Croft                July 18, 2017

We keep reading that good content is critical. Really critical. You must have top-notch content or it isn’t worth publishing. But is that true really? I would argue that it’s not. Or at least that what one person considers “good” isn’t the same as the next guy.

The truth is that “good” content is whatever you enjoy. It’s true that technical information needs to be accurate, but “good” is subjective.

Take YouTube as an example. There are really crappy videos out there with thousands of views. Why? Because they struck a chord with people and people enjoyed watching them. It can be as simple as that.

There are the “how to” videos by teenage girls in their messy bedrooms giving you a primer in make-up application. Then there is the guy in New York flying around town on his electric skateboard. We could view them as a waste of time but they are not much different than sitting down and watching a TV show. It’s entertainment and it distracts us from our daily grind.

Do you enjoy writing? Then write. Create your blogs—pour your heart out—build a website. Until you try, you don’t know where it will go. Your one story about your hike around the lake or your successful home improvement project might just make someone’s day.

Independence Grove1 (3)Make your mark. Inspire someone—even if you think it’s only you.

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