Brightwater Wastewater Treatment Center: Wedding Venue?

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First in a series. Your WEDDING AT BRIGHTWATER.

Wedding-BWCenter A Moments Reflection Photography_600Would you host your wedding in a wastewater treatment center? Don’t everyone raise their hands at once. The answer should be “YES” if you’ve ever visited the Brightwater Center at the Brightwater Wastewater Treatment Center in beautiful “wine-country” Woodinville, Washington.


Brightwater was conceived in 1999 as a much-needed enlargement to the King County, WA regional wastewater services area. Ninety-five potential sites were evaluated. That number was cut down to six, and in June of 2001 the final selection was made for the current site. The beauty of this site is that it sits on 114 acres which gave the county room to include not only the treatment center but also a community center (Brightwater Center), public art, classrooms, outdoor patios, nature trails, and mitigation ponds.

ducks1The Brightwater Center can entertain up to 250 wedding guests in a cozy northwest-style building with soaring ceilings, reclaimed wood, polished concrete floors and extensive natural lighting. The bride and her guests have both a lovely interior space with pond views and can dine in style on the outdoor patios. This isn’t just an empty meeting space either. The Center houses an intriguing and beautiful collection of art which was created to reveal our role in the lifecyle of water.

Art at Brightwater Center


Caitlin McAleavey, Brightwater Coordinator, advises that the Center is hosting 15-20 weddings per year now with the numbers increasing. When asked how people become aware of the Center as a wedding venue she said that often it is by “word of mouth” after guests have attended another event there.

The grounds are lovely and covered in trees. The ponds, 3 miles of hiking trails, art displays and modern architecture provide a perfect backdrop for wedding photos. The actual treatment center is on the other end of the property and takes great pride in being “odor free.” If it weren’t for the sign out front you wouldn’t focus on the wastewater treatment taking place inside.

King County has done a magnificent job in creating this plant. It’s a popular spot for local hikers and popular in the community for local meetings and events. If you’re lucky you may just see a graceful Greyhound out for his daily walk with his handler from the rescue center down the street.

It’s a perfect spot for your perfect wedding day. Once you’ve seen this beautiful facility you just might want to plan an event there yourself. Come visit the Brightwater Wastewater Treatment Facility–it will be a delightful surprise.

By: Jennifer Croft     July 18, 2017